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Get a Proposal Worth Its Weight In Gold.

A Proposal Worth Its Weight In Gold.

Learn how your business can improve its ROI by 20% with our free proposal.

By Getting This Proposal, You Will:


More Clicks For Less

Get insights into keywords and tactics that will attract quality traffic ready to purchase your product or services. Our PPC Management services will help you get more traffic for less.

Land More Leads, Close More Sales.

Receive a unique growth plan in your proposal specific to your business. In the growth plan you will find an improved account structure and tests to run to steadily increase sales and profitability.

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Our Cost vs. Your ROI

What are you paying for when you hire someone to manage your ads? The answer is results. If you’re going to pay every month, then you should see a better ROI every month. See what our cost vs. your ROI will be.


Do you have set up fees or other hidden Fees?

We don’t penny and dime our clients. Your Monthly fee will include ad creation, landing page/web design and testing, Facebook and/or Google Ads management. 

How long is the proposal?

It should only be a 2-3 minute read. It’s all organized and spaced out in order to highlight important information.

Is there a contract?

No, you are not locked into a monthly contract with Ghost. Our relationship is month-to-month which means you can leave at any time.

"Ghost is professional and transparent as they come. After receiving my proposal, I decided to hire them because they were very open about sharing information that could help me. Communication is clear and consistent and so are the results."


Gerald A. Ferencz D.C.

Owner @ PRX Sportscare

Before we can improve your ROI by 20% we'll need some info.