Ghost PPC Agency

Land More Leads, Close More Sales.

"Tanner believes in sales and conversions and ONLY that. He can make you a lot of money. He's really good with communication, but I'm always excited to update him about new sales everyday. Tanner is a conversion magician."


Pratik Mehta

Owner @ Podolite Footwear

Make More Money

Our optimization process helps reduce wasteful spending while increasing sales.

Work With Experts

Breathe easy knowing you have experts working to make your advertising campaigns more effective.

Grow Much Quicker

Money, growth, and sales. We’re always focused on the goals that matter most.

"Its not the fee to run it, but how he spends my money that makes him super affordable to me. Tanner takes a hell of a lot off my plate which is good cause now the phone rings alot."


Wesley Brown

Co-owner @ Colorito

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