Commission Only Digital Marketing​

Commission Only Digital Marketing​

Get unlimited leads for your sales team. Pay for the ones that turn into customers.

The problem

Flaky Inconsistent Low-ball Leads

To grow your company you need Leads. You know that you need to stop working in your business.

If you could get more leads, then you could hire more sales people. You would be able to focus on high level tasks that need your attention. 

Instead, you’re stuck in production or sales. Making sure you milk every lead for all its worth. 

A vacation would be really nice, but you just can’t afford to leave the business. Without you everything would come to a halt.

"The Solution"

"If Only I Could Find Someone With Skin In the Game"

You have tried Thumbtack, Homeadvisor, and Angie’s List. You had a terrible experience and the results weren’t great.

You had plenty of the fake leads. You know the ones.

A notification pops up and you get excited. You call the number within 5 seconds only to be ignored.

You also feel that if you’re paying for leads they should only go to you. These platforms sell the same leads to 4 or 5 other companies.

Then came along someone who promised you the moon. “I’ll help you book your calendar with qualified appointments.”

Nothing seemed to change. It wasn’t very different from the lead platforms.

You were paying this person an arm and a leg. They didn’t deliver.

You were burned and now you’re fed up with marketers. You’ve all but sworn them off for good.

The Service

Introducing: Ghost's Commission Only Marketing

You already pay your sales guys a commission for each deal they close. Why not do the same for your marketer?

Just like your best closers are motivated by the desire to earn more commission. Your marketer will too.

A commission only marketer will:

Sales Automation

Fewer leads falling through the cracks with automated appointment setting, emails, and text campaigns.

Facebook Advertising

Some of the cheapest leads you have ever seen. Dramatically reduce costs while increasing lead volume.

Google and Youtube Ads

Find the lowest hanging fruit looking for your service right now.


Get free traffic through search engine optimization with a website designed to convert them into leads.

Lead-Machine Website

A website designed specifically to act as an online sales person. Increasing sales and leads at no extra cost.

Continual Improvement

Watch as costs decrease over time, lead volume goes up, quality improves, and margins grow.

How It Works

3 Easy Steps For Business Takeoff 🚀

This is my process for quickly building businesses to over $10million in annual gross revenue. We start with the things that will produce results fastest, then tweak things to make them more effective over time. After awhile all of your marketing assets will be seamlessly working together to drive results you didn’t think were possible.

We Start With A Plan

We define your goals and establish plans. Then we come to an agreement on compensation.

We Begin With Ads

We begin with Google or Facebook ads So I can get compensated ASAP.

1,000+ Leads/mo

Finally, achieve over 1,000 leads per month with SEO, sales automation, and web design.

About Us

The Ghosts

Invite us over to your family dinner and impress your parents. 


Gun For Hire

I’m basically the guy your agency hires to fuck shit up. A small to mid enterprise marketing freelancer with over 30 paid certifications in a variety of different specialties. Ex-Owner of a local service business. Just doing what I love. 


Ghost Sales

Angelo helps out with sales so I can focus on the clients. You will probably hear from him.