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My Story

I’m a freelancer who left my agency job work on my own. I started by purchasing supplies to start a local painting company that I helped achieve a little over $180k revenue in our first 12 months in business.

After the company arrived at a point where it was mostly running on its own, I separated myself to chase my true passion of marketing and helping others build their businesses.


I believe in helping good businesses grow. I do this by working to achieve record breaking conversion rates, focusing on profitability as the most important key metric, and working directly with the company’s sales team to improve their performance.

The one man army behind Ghost.

Tanner Nord


I have a deep knowledge of marketing and different platforms and channels such as SEO and email. 

I choose to specialize in PPC and CRO because it’s better, in my opinion, to be the best in your field. Covering too many skill sets tends to spread your capabilities thin and produce subpar results.

I also own a successful cabinet refinishing company named Colorito in Mesa, AZ.

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