How to Grant Access to a Google Ads Account

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The first step you’ll make after hiring someone a consultant or agency to manage your account is provide them with access. You should also know the different access levels, what they do, and provide the correct level of access to your account manager.

How to Grant Access to Your Google Ads Account 

Whether you’re providing access to an agency/consultant to manage your account or to receive an ads account audit, you’ll need to provide access to them. There’s no way arround this. Luckily it’s a very quick and easy process. These are the steps you’ll take in order to provide access to someone.

Click the “wrench” icon at the top of your screen. When the menu drops down, click “Account access” in the Setup column.

First, you’ll want to your account. After you’re in your account you’re going to look for the wrench icon at the top of the page. After you click it, a menu will drop down with several different columns to choose from. You’re going to look for the column second from the left called setup. 3 options down you will find account access. Click this option in order to continue.

On the Account access page, click the small blue circle button with a “+” sign.

On the next page, after you click on “Account access”, you will find a blue button with a plus sign to your far left. You’re going to click this to add someone to your account.

Enter the email of the invitee at the top, choose an access level, then click send invitation.

After you click the blue circular button, you will be led to this page where you will select between 5 different access levels. The first thing you’ll want to do on this page is to enter the email of the person you would like to give access to you account. After that you will want to select one of the access levels, then click send invitation. For a more detailed description of each access level, please read the next section.

What Are the Different Access Levels, and Why Does it Matter?

The majority of people will only choose between 3 different access levels. Ready only, standard, and admin are the most commonly used access levels and I’ll go over them in depth in order to explain which one you should choose.

Read only: This is the access that you will give to someone in order for them to perform an audit of your ads account. This prevents the user from making changes and accessing confidential information. If you would like for Ghost to perform an audit of your Google Ads account so you can learn how to improve your ROI by 20%, then you will add with read-only access.

Standard: This is the access that you would give to a 3rd party in order for them to manage your ads account. This should only be done after you have hired someone to work on your PPC. This will allow them to access your ads account and make changes.

Admin: This is the access that you would give to a full time employee of your business in order to manage your account or, if necessary, make billing information changes.

It’s important to understand these terms and choose the correct access level or you could be putting yourself in danger of potentially damaging changes being made to your account. Please read these carefully and provide the correct access level accordingly.


Granting someone access to your account is very quick and easy. The two most important things you need to remember is the difference between standard access and read only access. Read only is for account audits and standard is for account management.

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