PPC Management

Tired of low quality leads and want to close sales faster?

Clicks are a vanity metric. They look good and sound good, but they don’t make money. Before you can hear a ‘cha-ching’, the traffic needs to, first, either give you their contact information or buy something from you. With the right traffic, right message, and right ‘carrot’, your cash register will be ringing non-stop.

*See a 20% increase in ROI within 60 days or get your money back.


Attract the right traffic.

Everyone in the world has the same decision-making process. They find out they have a problem, learn about it, find solutions, weigh their options, then take action. The secret is to target the ones closest to the sale (action) for best results.

Show the right message.

Once you target the right traffic, you then need to show them an enticing message to get them to click AND to convert. Often times agencies do this in the wrong order and focus on the message first. You can’t test your messaging on your best audience unless you know who they are first.

Dangle the right carrot.

There’s a finite supply of traffic that’s waiting to buy from you. Once you reach a certain point, you’ll have to grab their attention further along their decision-making process. The right offer (carrot) allows you to quickly pique their interest and lure them to your side before they learn about your competitors.

How much is growing your business worth to you?

Allow Ghost to shoulder the burden of running your advertising campaigns. Do this so you can focus on other revenue generating activities. We also put our money where our mouth is. If you don’t see a 20% improvement in your ROI within 60 days, then we’ll give your money back.

Management Fee

Monthly fee based on Ad spend.
10% of Ad Spend
  • Clicks That Convert (PPC)
  • Customer Centric Copy
  • Data Driven Design

Before we can improve your ROI by 20% we'll need some info.